Outdoor Full Color Module P4

The outdoor P4 LED display is a full-color LED screen assembled from waterproof P4 SMD1921 LED modules. The distance between pixels is 4mm. Like outdoor LED screens, P4 LED screen is used in outdoor environments, so the screen has high brightness, when sunlight shines on, it still has a clear display of content and easy viewing

Outdoor Full Color Module P4

Module Dimension: (W) 256mm*128mm (H)

Pixel Pitch: 4mm

Pixel density: 62500点/M2

LED specification: SMD1921

Pixel resolution: (W) 64 点*32点 (H)

Average power: 36W

Panel weight: 0.5KG

Quantity of module: 8PCS

Cabinet dimension 512*512*85mm

Hub connecting: HUB75

Best viewing angle: Horizontal > 170 Vertical > 120

Best viewing distance: 4-40M