Transparent LED screen P3.91-7.82 is one of the most popular transparent LED screens today because of its excellent image presentation ability. Unlimited in size and display capacity, broadcasted images can reach HD, FullHD, 2K, 4K quality...

The image shown on the screen can be zoomed as desired. This is one of the outstanding advantages of this screen is that it is possible to install the screen size according to the customer's requirements. What's more, it can also adjust the size of the image shown on the screen without fear of poor image quality.


Module Dimension: L500*H125*T12

Pixel Pitch: 3.91-7.8

Pixel density: 32768

Pixel configuration: 1R1G1B

LED specification: SMD1921

Pixel resolution: (W) 128 点*64点(H)

Average power: 30W

Panel weight: 0.19 KG

Quantity of module: 8 PCS

Hub connecting: HUB-HD75BVCC/GND (1)

Best viewing angle: Horizontal>140, Vertical>120

Best viewing distance: 11 - 30M

Working temperature: - 10 - + 45