P4.81 Outdoor Full Color Display

P4.81 LED screen has a physical distance between pixels of 4.81mm, high pixel density, full HD resolution, and brightness up to 7000 cd/m2. Therefore, when using the P4.81 LED screen outdoors, customers can be completely assured of the image display, image color, and screen brightness.

Like other outdoor LED screens, the P4.81 LED display is made up of P4.81 SMD 2727 modules or cabinets that are extremely resistant to water and heat. Using the outdoor P4.81 LED screen, customers do not need to worry about the presentation content being interrupted by weather factors affecting the quality of the event.

P4.81 Outdoor Full Color Display

Module Dimension (W) 250mm*250mm(H)

Pixel Pitch: 4.81mm

Pixel density: 43264 点/M2

Pixel configuration: 1R1G1B

LED specification: SMD2727

Pixel resolution: (W) 52 点*52点 (H)

Average power: 33W

Panel weight: 0.5KG

Cabinet dimension: 500*500*85mm

Quantity of module: 4PCS

Hub connecting: HUB75

Best viewing angle: Horizontal > 170 Vertical > 120