P6 Outdoor Full Color Display

The outdoor P6 LED screen is an electronic screen used to present images, videos, and text to convey content to viewers in the most realistic and sharpest way. With an average price compared to other types of outdoor screens, users can easily install them to suit the space and use needs.

P6 Outdoor LED screen is now widely used in outdoor LED screens because of the relatively soft price. With the ability to resist sunlight, rain, and glare, the P6 LED screen will not be affected by external factors and the image projected on the screen is still very beautiful and sharp.

P6 Outdoor Full Color Display

Module Dimension: (W) 192mm*192mm (H)

Pixel Pitch: 6mm

Pixel density: 27777点/M2

Pixel configuration: 1R1G1B

LED specification: SMD2727

Pixel resolution: (W) 32 点*32点 (H)

Average power: 27W

Panel weight: 0.25 KG

Cabinet dimension: 576*576*85mm

Quantity of module: 9PCS

Hub connecting: 40KG/M2

Best viewing angle: 140/120

Best viewing distance: 6-20M