Indoor Full Color Advertising Machine P2.5

It is a type of screen dedicated to conveying images, videos, texts, notifications, etc. in a sharp and vivid way. With a variety of sizes, designs, and can change images, videos and effects according to the needs of the user.

Indoor Full Color advertising machine P2.5 is increasingly popular because of its sophistication, compactness, elegance, sharp images and videos, and is an effective brand advertising tool for businesses.

Indoor Full Color Advertising Machine P2.5

Module Dimension: (W) 160mm*160mm (H)

Pixel Pitch: 2.5mm

Pixel density: 160000

Pixel configuration: 1R1G1B

LED specification: SMD 2121

Pixel resolution: (W) 64 点*64点 (H)

Average power: 20W

Panel weight: 0.44KG

Quantity of module: 8PCS

Hub connecting: HUB75-E

Best viewing angle: 140/120

Best viewing distance: 2-30M

Working temperature: - 10 - + 45