Led P1.5625 Indoor Full Color Display

P1.5625 led screen belongs to the line of small pixel technology screen - the most modern 1.x led screen technology. P1.5625 led display is used as indoor led display. Also known as indoor led display.

They are assembled from P1.5625 modules, with each module being made up of hundreds of leds. There is a distance between the leds (pixels) equal to 1.5625mm, the dense pixel density helps the led screen to have a large resolution among the current led screens.

In addition, with being assembled from separate modules, the P1.5625 led screen is not limited in size. They can be customized in large or small sizes according to the requirements and purposes of the investor.

Led P1.5625 Indoor Full Color Display

Module Dimension: (W) 200mm*150mm(H)

Pixel Pitch: 1.5625mm

Pixel density: 409600点/M2

Pixel configuration: 1R1G1B

LED specification: SMD1010

Pixel resolution: (W) 128 点 * 96 点 (H)

Average power: 20W

Panel weight: 0.2 KG

Cabinet dimension: 400*300mm

Quantity of module: 4PCS

Hub connecting: 26P

Best viewing angle: Horizontal > 170 Vertical > 120