Led P1.667 Indoor Full Color Display

P1.667 LED display is a large screen assembled from indoor P1.667 LED modules. This is a fairly common indoor LED screen today, providing optimal solutions for projection. It is increasingly dominant, becoming the first choice, gradually replacing normal projection screens and TVs because of its high durability and impressive presentation ability. With outstanding features and high power-saving ability, the P1.667 LED screen is increasingly used for advertising purposes, brand communication, and information transmission at restaurants and showrooms.

Led P1.667 Indoor Full Color Display

Module Dimension: (W) 200mm*150mm(H)

Pixel Pitch: 1.667mm

Pixel density: 360000点/M2

Pixel configuration: 1R1G1B

LED specification: SMD1010

Pixel resolution: (W) 120 点*90点(H)

Average power: 25W

Panel weight: 0.19KG

Cabinet dimension: 400*300*85mm

Quantity of module: 4PCS

Hub connecting: 26P

Best viewing angle: Horizontal > 170 Vertical > 120