Led P1.904 Indoor Full Color Display

Indoor P1.904 LED display is a great choice for businesses because its applications are diverse in many different fields such as entertainment, business, event organization, education... and especially the application in the field of advertising. This is a type of screen used a lot in the field of advertising because of the absolute sharpness when displaying images and videos. The image of the product or brand that the business wants to promote will naturally attract the attention of viewers.

P1.904 LED screen has relatively high stability, and thick pixel density, making images, videos or text displayed on the screen become sharper. Display quality meets Full HD standard, bright colors help display images as vividly as possible.

Possessing an ultra-thin, lightweight design and used indoors, the P1.904 LED screen installation and maintenance process is always easy and quick. Manufactured by modern technology lines, minimizing connection problems and weak signal and interference problems. Because it is not subject to weather factors such as rain and sunshine, the life of the screen is always guaranteed.

Led P1.904 Indoor Full Color Display

Module Dimension: (W) 160mm*160mm(H)

Pixel Pitch: 1.904mm

Pixel density: 275625点/M2

Pixel configuration: 1R1G1B

LED specification: SMD1515

Pixel resolution: (W) 84 点*84 点(H)

Average power: 20W

Panel weight: 0.19KG.

Cabinet dimension: 480*480*85mm

Quantity of module: 9PCS

Hub connecting: 26P

Best viewing angle: Horizontal > 170 Vertical > 120

Best viewing distance: 1-30M