Compare Outdoor And Indoor Advertising Led Display

  • 30/03/2019.
  • For LED screen advertising, businesses can choose to book outdoor advertising screens or indoor advertising to best suit their brand communication campaigns.

    1. Brief introduction of advertising LED screen

    LED screen advertising is one of the forms of advertising applying advanced and modern digital technology, which in recent times is developing other areas. other provinces. LED screens are currently being installed in an increasing number at extremely favorable locations such as supermarkets, commercial centers, office buildings, etc., right at the central route, junction, intersection... very crowded and bustling.

    The reason LED screen advertising receives deep attention from brands is because this form possesses many advantages to help the brand be widely and effectively communicated. Unlike other types of outdoor advertising, when businesses book ads on LED screens, they will broadcast a promotional TVC clip (like a TV show) with a length of 15 - 30 seconds, interspersed with other clips. Other TVCs for the duration of the monitor's life.

    On average, a business's advertising clip will appear about 120 times a day, so it is impossible to calculate the number of viewers who have been exposed to the advertising content. The screen has a high resolution and large size, so the clip broadcast has an extremely sharp and vivid image, so passersby can still observe it even from a distance.

    Currently, LED advertising screens are often deployed in two main areas, which are outdoors (Outdoor LED Screen) and indoors (Indoor LED Screen), depending on the purposes and needs that businesses have. You can choose the appropriate format.

    2. Compare outdoor advertising LED display and indoor advertising

    2.1. Similarities between outdoor and indoor advertising LED display

    The biggest similarity between Outdoor LED screens and Indoor LED screens is in size and operation. With the specificity of reaching viewers from close to hundreds of meters away, the LED screens all have a very large area and high resolution, so they are installed in spacious, airy, uncluttered spaces. Obstruction obstructs the view. The resolution of the screen is extremely good, so viewers can see it from many different angles.

    2.2. Difference between outdoor and indoor LED display

    Due to different installation locations, each type of outdoor and indoor LED advertising screen will also have a different approach to potential customers. In short, for ease of understanding, viewers will not be able to see both LED screens at the same time, but they will have to stand at different angles to see it.

    For Indoor LED screens, of course, it will affect everyone who is inside at that time, and with its large size and prime installation location in the lobby area, even if customers have moved on any floor can be easily seen. On average, high-rise buildings, shopping malls, etc. also welcome thousands of people to and from each day (most of them stay for a long time), so remembering the brand image will be extremely effective.

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