Effective Use Of Led Screens For Event Stages

  • 30/03/2019.
  • Nowadays, the use of led display for events has become common, especially with medium-sized and larger events. Because the led screen is one of the technological devices that bring the most visual effects to stages, especially performance and art stages.  

    1. Use a led screen for any event?

    Most entertainment programs need real-life experiences such as music festivals, project introductions, new product launches, etc., and the organizers will give priority to the use of led screens. These types of events, of course, will need led screens to display presentation and illustration content. In the case of a large stage, far from the audience, it is not possible to use LCD, television, or projector. Instead, we have to use led screens with common sizes of 3:4. 6:9.

    However, it should be noted that for regular programs, if the content has been approved, it is not necessary to use led screens, to avoid wasting the budget for the event. In addition, with outdoor programs, it is imperative to use a dedicated led screen. Do not be confused between indoor and outdoor led screens to see sharp images.

    2. Selective visual effects for led screens

    In addition to the use of projections and exhibitions, the effects on the led screen are an important factor in creating the emotions of the performances. But instead of investing in designing their effects, most of the technicians use available visuals, so sometimes the illustration is not related to the presentation, making the viewer's emotions incomplete. Some organizers often overlook what the led screen will show, leaving the technical team to arbitrarily adjust, or the director's sophistication is not enough to sublimate the show, or maybe The budget for the event is not enough to make it more thorough.

    To prepare well for the stage with a small and medium-sized led screen, the director should meet separately with the stage presentation technical team and review the visuals for each performance. As for featured shows such as DJ shows, fashion shows, etc., it is imperative to set up a separate visual and have a person in charge of direct control (VJ) to ensure the most emotional effects. In Vietnam today, there are many beautiful effect design companies such as Red Cat Motion, Blueman, etc. we can choose an agency that suits our style and budget.

    3. Stage staging has a secondary character

    On the stage, in addition to the method of pairing the Panorama screen, the LED blocks are arranged to comply with the main and secondary rules. A beautiful stage needs to clearly arrange the center of the stage, as well as know where the screen is the main block, where is the auxiliary part. The main screen is usually large in the middle, displaying the content of the repertoire, the led blocks on either side display additional effects, similar in color to the main block. Or we can show on led blocks of the same type of visual to avoid the messy image on the stage causing confusion.

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