Transparent Led Display Screen For Super Mall

  • 30/03/2019.
  • Transparent led screen is a new application in optimizing the display of advertising messages for businesses. Called transparent because they display light without the black background that stuns the view that conventional led screens inherently have. It is this that creates a new level for business - the level of luxury.

    Brighter Display's transparent LED display is a new type of ultra-transparent LED display, which has characteristics such as 70-90% transparency, clarity, high customizability, in addition with more than 7500 nits brightness, Even when exposed to sunlight, the display content is still guaranteed. The product is widely applied, mainly applied to the construction of curtain walls, shopping malls, airports, banks, restaurants, shopping streets, etc., becoming a great tool to attract celebrities' language on the Internet.

    Unlike conventional led screens, transparent leds are applied new technology that makes them more advantageous, no longer too many cumbersome wires and a large led screen makes installation difficult. towel. Transparent led screen is the pinnacle of sophistication when the structure is quite simple. Each module includes only:

    Led bar with many LEDs distributed thick or thin depending on the resolution suitable for the type of screen
    Thin and light aluminum frame to fix the module according to the standard size
    The conductor is simply located in the aluminum frame without being exposed, causing unsightly
    External parts: to control the led effect as well as the appropriate parameters, the product also has a control box, receiving card, CAT5 cable, DVI cable, Plexglass cover, ...

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