What Is The Difference Between Indoor And Outdoor Ledscreens?

  • 30/03/2019.
  • Indoor LED screens (Indoor LEDs) or outdoor LEDs (outdoor LEDs) are both large-sized projection products that are commonly used today. This device is often used for the purpose of making a stage screen, conference, advertising ... However, despite the same display quality and similar structure, they have many differences. What exactly are those? Let's find out more details through the article below!  

    The similarity between indoor and outdoor LED screens

    Both indoor and outdoor LED screens are customizable in size and unlimited in the number of inches. They can be completely changed according to actual needs from a few m2 to thousands of m2 without affecting the image. image displayed.

    In addition, these two types of screens are both high-end presentation devices, serving the purposes of presentation, advertising as well as entertainment.

    Both types of screens are made up of LEDs coupled to small modules and use light-emitting diode technology. There are two types of led panels: regular led display and monolithic SMD surface mount led panel.

    The difference between indoor and outdoor LED screens

    1/ Operating environment

    As the name of each type of led screen, the indoor Led screen will only be suitable for indoor use due to its inability to resist rain and sun. In contrast, the outdoor LED screen can be used outdoors thanks to its optimal resistance to rain, moisture, sunlight, and high brightness, making the image always clear regardless of the weather.

    2/ Resolution

    Each screen type will have different resolutions, specifically:

    – Outdoor LED screen resolution is often much lower than indoor, this is explained by the panel structure, pixel density …

    – Indoor Led screen displays images in a sharper, more realistic way (the smaller the screen resolution, the smoother and more vivid the image).

    3/ Luminous intensity

    If you compare the brightness of the two types of screens, you will see that the outdoor LED screen (>7000cd/m2) is 3 times higher than the indoor Led screen (>2000cd/m2).

    According to technical experts, the reason outdoor screens have higher brightness is to "overwhelm" natural light, which is sunlight. From there, the information content and images of the new led screen can be displayed clearly, especially since the led screens are often very large, using long-range light and with such conditions. only then can the viewer see clearly.

    In contrast, indoor led screens use close-range light, and the viewing distance of people is also closer, so it needs a moderate intensity of brightness, enough for the image to be displayed clearly without affecting people's eyesight. does not cause pain or glare.

    4/ Ability to protect

    Because the operating environment of the two types of screens is different, the protection for each type will also have certain differences, specifically:

    To function well and be durable in conditions affected by weather factors such as sunshine, rain, etc., outdoor LED screens will usually be designed to resist water, moisture, and sunlight. Accordingly, the led cabin and led module will be designed for water resistance according to IP65 standards.

    The operating environment of the indoor Led screen is quite safe, not affected by the weather, so "protection" will not be necessary.

    However, whether indoor or outdoor LEDs, they all need to be installed correctly to bring maximum efficiency and ensure product durability.

    Above is the basic information to help you distinguish between indoor and outdoor LED screens. However, the choice of screen type will depend on the needs and purposes of use to choose the right screen.

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