What Is Led Display? How Many Types Of Led Display Are There?

  • 30/03/2019.
  • Nowadays, we can easily see many LED screens from large to small on the street. This is a type of product that is advertised, transmitted information used to show and introduce what they want to bring to customers

    What is an LED display?

    LED display is a type of flat screen that uses light-emitting diode technology and does not require a backlight. These light-emitting diodes link together and form a display panel. Usually, people will put small screen panels together to form a large LED screen.

    The advantage of an LED screen is that it can be applied to any size, and any resolution depending on the needs of the design team. The durability of the LED screen is also not mediocre when it can be used for more than 10,000 hours.

    LED screens have very high brightness, so they are often used to display content outdoors where strong light shines in. Applications of LED screens are extremely diverse, namely:

    - Large outdoor advertising screen.

    - Shop signboards with text with a variety of motion effects.

    - Stage of events related to arts and sports.

    - Large halls, and large meeting rooms when holding meetings with many attendees.

    - Electronic signage on the street.

    - Karaoke bars, bars - pubs.

    - Big screen in the stadium to watch the matches.

    How many types of LED displays are there?

    LED screens are divided into two types: DIP LED and SMD LED.

    - LED DIP (Dual In-line Package) is an old LED display technology. The pixels on this LED DIP module stand side by side.

    - LED SMD (Surface Mounted Device) is a type of LED display technology used both indoors and outdoors. SMD LED pixels to have built-in RGB diodes that can display up to 16 million colors.

    Outdoor LED screens, are designed to be waterproof – dustproof and most importantly, clearly display the content no matter how harsh the sunlight.

    Indoor LED screens are the opposite, they are not water resistant and the brightness is also lower than outdoors. In return, they have a higher refresh rate and make the displayed image smooth - smooth - sharp.

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